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​About Instalcom

Meet Instalcom, part of the OCU Group Ltd. Collectively, the Group comprises more than 1500 people, working right across the country to produce a turnover of £150m.

With strong infrastructure from the Group, Instalcom’s workforce totals around 300. With their HQ in Borehamwood, they promote a ‘right first time’ and ‘value for money’ ethos with an exciting strategy in place for their continued growth over the next three decades.

Top performers when it comes to health, safety, quality, and environmental considerations, Instalcom works within the telecoms, multi-utility, power, water, rail, and directional drilling sectors. They’re the proud owners of a fleet of modern transportation and plant equipment, which they continually invest in. Combine this with a team of highly skilled engineers and Instalcom is always ready to take on the next project of any size.

A utility contractor formed in 1989, Instalcom is now a leader in the competitive fibre solutions market, specialising in the installation, termination, and testing of fibre optic cable.


Instalcom are a ‘people-first’ employer, driven by values including integrity, honesty, respect, diversity, and inclusion. They proactively work to create an equal, diverse, and inclusive environment with schemes in place for people with disabilities, ex-services personnel, and women returners, to name just a few.

They invest highly in the training of their employees to ensure a first-class service, of the highest standards. They’ve created a unique coaching community which they believe is key to a strong and productive company culture.

Members of the Living Wage Foundation, Instalcom is committed to ensuring fair pay across their organisation. Employee wages are therefore competitive and provided along with a great overall benefits package and clear progression paths.

Instalcom is further committed to a series of CSR initiatives to ensure they’re giving back to their wider communities.

Build Cities

Asides their head office in Borehamwood, Instalcom has offices in locations including Charlton, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

They’re currently building the network in High Wycombe, Luton, Reading, and Workingham.

If you’re interested in a job with Instalcom near you, take a look at their live roles.